2014 business plan execution waits for no one…or no date

Take action now. A small step. A minor gesture. Your 2014 plans, though large and ambitious, are made up of many small components. Don’t wait. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Set a date in 2013 by which you will have all the items listed herein in place.
  2. Enumerate your projects, listing kickoff, interim, and final dates; also, make sure that status meetings or briefings are scheduled separate from senior management and departmental meetings.
  3. Assign resources – project sponsor, manager, and team members.
  4. Develop a project management portal to house documents, conversations, and timelines.
  5. Prioritize the projects and/or confirm priorities set during the initial planning phase.
  6. Communicate to the rest of the institution that the plan is underway.

The final tip is important. It includes not only employees but Board and supervisory or executive committee members. Don’t hesitate. Act now.