03/03/2014 – Our weekly perspective on the economy

It seems like just a month ago I discussed the ISM (Institute of Supply Management Index) and its unexpected downward push. Well, that’s because it was a month ago that I  discussed the ISM. This week, the consensus forecast suggests a slight bump up in the ISM. This is out today at 10:00. Along with this bit of news, we find ourselves with another Beige Book updated from our friends at the Federal Reserve. It’s always a good read. Look for it on Wednesday.

One thing to watch is the impact of all this weather on things such as consumer spending and consumer credit. I am certain there will be an impact. A more important aspect of this is if the weather will have an intermediate impact on productivity and manufacturing. I believe it will. The geopolitical issues we face are not helping matters. With other data, such as consumer confidence and GDP coming out later in the month, executive teams  and boards should look to incorporate indicators into their monthly and quarterly updates, including such things as the QEF for their ALLL on the financial side and fundraising targets on the non-profit front. As you know, GDP took a haircut last week. Will it continue?

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Have a great week!