More on concentration risk…this time by peer group

As promised in our last blog post on concentration risk, today we will provide a look by peer group. Our hypotheses were as follows:

  1. Larger credit unions would have a lower percentage of first mortgage real estate loans and smaller ones would have a higher concentration of mortgage loans. We were off on this one!
  2. Credit card concentrations would grow, but not necessarily reaching levels of concern, as asset size grew. We were somewhat in the right here. Concentrations did grow, but not to inordinately high levels. The prior unloading of credit cards has had its impact.

We will continue to keep our eye on concentration risk as the July 2013 data makes its way to the marketplace. Perhaps a look at concentration risk at the credit union level. Yes, that seems appealing. As always, let us know your thoughts. Here are the two dashboards for your consideration.

CU Concentration Risk - First Mortgages - by peer group and state CU Concentration Risk - Credit Cards - by peer group and state


All data provided by SNL Financial. Data visualization courtesy of Tableau Software. Click images to enlarge.

The states of concentration risk

The concentration of risk.  Essentially, nobody likes it and everyone wants to get rid of it.  Regulators frown on it.  Well, we’ve taken a look at it by state and by a couple of products to see what it looks like across the United States.  This graphic is for credit unions.  There are some similarities between the two portfolios, but it is clear that the concentration of credit cards within the aggregate portfolio is quite small.  As we all know, credit unions spent a great deal of time selling off portfolios some years ago.  Pricing has a been low-priority issue for regulators when it comes to credit cards.  Pricing tends to fluctuate as market rates fluctuate, thereby keeping institutions insulated from interest rate risk.  First mortgages, however, have been a growing concern for regulators.  On our next blog entry, we’ll take a look at concentration risk by asset size.


Concentration Risk by State

All data provided by SNL Financial.  Data visualization courtesy of Tableau Software.  Click here to enlarge.