Reconn Consulting’s non-profit consultancy provides institutions a unique opportunity to set the course for the future with the aid of a partner who provides value-rich advisory services across the continuum of execution.  From strategic planning to project management, our consultants insist on making every engagement tangible and performance-enhancing.

Reconn Consulting puts each non-profit project through the three crucial, specific stages below.


Extensive research opens our eyes to the current state of the institution and help us discern the improvements we can make.


A careful consideration of the data, the workflow, and, well, all the other stuff ensure that critical decisions are easier to make and will have a higher probability of success.


Our timely and specific advice can advance servant leadership for those that need it most in an environment of declining revenue and heightened regulation. Each phase of our work will lead to the major deliverable: a working plan filled with opportunities for increased service and institutional growth.

Reconnaissance.  Analysis.  Direction.  Our approach is comprehensive.  Our partnership provides value to you and those you serve.

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