Credit Unions

Membership. Service. Safety and soundness.

Credit unions must continue to focus on these three crucial aspects of their business in an ever-changing financial landscape wrought with factors such as taxation and alternate capital models. Management teams and boards of directors must take a long-term perspective while increasing earnings and stemming volatility in markets, operations, and compliance in the short term.

Do you ever wish you could get a new perspective on the challenges that your credit union faces? Are you looking for a possible new direction for growth that will delight your members?

Reconn Consulting provides a straightforward and practical means to arrive at a strategic plan. First, our consultants approach your credit union with a focus on the unique nature of its membership and staff.  We listen, ask questions, and then listen some more. Second, Reconn Consulting analyzes the current state of the credit union. Through thorough research and analysis, we apply our years of experience in the marketplace, operations, and financial books of credit unions across the United States to the case at hand. Finally, after assimilating all these details, our experts render a specific direction bolstered by the appropriate resources and culture for the credit union to follow.

Reconnaissance. Analysis. Direction. Our approach is simple. Our partnership with you is comprehensive.

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