Community banking continues to be a driving force throughout the country. Regardless of the economic or political climate, community banks have remained a popular choice to serve consumers and businesses across the United States.

Customers. Service. Continued safety and soundness.

These three components remain at the core of community banking despite the ever-changing financial landscape. Regardless of the terrain, management teams and boards of directors must take a long-term perspective to assure future growth and optimal earnings. In the short term, consolidation may be a consideration in order to increase earnings and stem volatility in markets. operations, and compliance. Perhaps expansion is in order or your facilities no longer meet your needs. We can help.

Reconn Consulting provides a straightforward and practical means to arrive at strategic planning and project management. First, our consultants focus on the particular nature of your customers and staff. Second, utilizing years of work in the community banking marketplace, operations, and financial means of banks across the United States, Reconn Consulting analyzes the current state of the institution. Finally, our experts assimilate all these details and render a specific direction, reinforced by the appropriate resources and culture, for the bank to follow.

Reconnaissance. Analysis. Direction. Our approach is simple. Our partnership with you is comprehensive.

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