Financial institutions.  Non-profits.  Small.  Medium.  Independent, unbiased consultancy for all.  This is Reconn Consulting.

With our roots in financial institution work and advisory, Reconn Consulting has grown beyond its initial scope and provides council to non-profit institutions as well.  Regardless of the industry, our advisors believe in crafting engagements that meet the specific needs of the client.

Well, Reconn, I have heard that before.  It’s like us saying we provide the best service.

Okay, okay.  We do provide great service.  We do bring a great deal of insight.  We have affordable, seamless tools to provide quantitative analysis.  We do this at a reasonable price. And we don’t mince words…with a smile of course.

This is what makes us different and sets us apart.  Please check out our industry pages by clicking on the following links:

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