Feasibility Analysis

Will it work? How long will it take? What are the potential impacts on our balance sheet and income statement? How will our people react to the changes we are considering? Does it affect who we are and we what we stand for in our markets?

Is this project feasible?

We believe in simplifying things as best we can here at Reconn Consulting. Whether dealing with a project born from a strategic plan or from rising businesses concerns, Reconn Consulting is able to provide feasibility analysis. Simulating the potential outcomes of project execution helps to mitigate risks and provides the institution an opportunity to understand bona fide hot spots in advance of making a concrete investment. Reconn Consulting is able to provide feasibility analysis in area such as:

  • Facilities planning (headquarters, branch, network optimization, buy/lease)
  • Organizational restructure
  • New market or business unit expansion
  • Market or business unit divestiture

For more details regarding feasibility analysis, including other areas of interest, please contact us at 908.368.1270 or send an email to clientconcierge@reconnconsulting.com.