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Podcast #31- The Scary, Love-Continues-to-Rule Issue: Markets, Operations, and Financials

I couldn’t help myself. The word love appears again. Be it your markets, your organization and operations, or your financial outcomes, love continues to rule. Jump into the mix, into the fray. Don’t squander a moment of time in living up to your plan. Cover all the bases. Markets. Operations. Financials.

Mwahahahahaa! (That was for effect.)


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Podcast 30- The Neopolitan Ice Cream Issue: Sing it with me…love, love, love!

Why can’t we talk about love? Unconditional, unfettered, and yes, unadulterated love for your customer, your investors, your vendors, and even your regulator. I know it sounds crazy, well, because it is. However, with a little service, a high level of engagement, and enduring fairness, we think this plate of ice cream will bring some love into your life.

Oh, there’s the economy and the weather, too, just for fun.

Podcast 29- The “Torture That You Love” Issue. It’s not so bad.

There are some folks in life that have it because they want it. There are others in life that have IT because they know no other way. They struggle and they love it. Their steadiness in the face of adversity and success, their focus on the now, and their flexibility in the moment when integrity calls is certainly admirable, and sometimes award-winning. The funny thing is they don’t even know they’re on a pedestal. They just keep on working.

In this week’s podcast, we discuss not only the challenges of life and how to handle them, but also the challenges of the economy, including the NASDAQ bank index, the DJIA, and last week’s mixed economic news. We also include a killer quote from Jerry Seinfeld, and, oh yes, a reminder to stretch.

Podcast 28- The Good Bankers Issue: New Banking and a New Europe

Where have all the good bankers gone? To the Caymans? No, I don’t think so. With the changing environment, there is still a need for good bankers practicing aggressive goodness. And what does that have to do with Europe? No much really. However, some parallels can be drawn. The old Europe, particularly its eastern fringe, remained burden with regulation, if not despotism, well into the early 90′s and early 2000′s. Let’s not get crazy with banking, all ye good bankers out there. So, sit back, listen, and enjoy.


Podcast 27- The All-Kinds-of-Respect Issue: It’s not me, it’s them, and another Midnight Run

What does your grand opus look like? How much of it is really yours? This week, we pay respect to those that have gone before us and consider those that will come after us. The movies. Yes, the movies. Midnight Run is on our minds this week. We neglect thinking before taking action. I understand in moments of craziness and emergency, thinking is an obstacle we don’t need. Otherwise, thinking caps on. And, believe it or not, Labor Day is almost here.

Podcast 26- The Return from Summer Issue: Strategic planning with purpose, the wobbly economy, and goodbye, Mr. Williams

Your purpose is paramount. However, it should not be pursued so that you drain the bank account. We speak to these two conflicting items in this podcast. If your strategic planning efforts focus solely on profits, how will your financial institution stay true its purpose? We also pay our respects to Williams and Bacall. And how can we forget the economy? We cannot. We did not.

Podcast 25- The Survey Issue: Dr. Matt Champagne and some quick thoughts on Interest Rate Risk

Interest rates will change. It’s a given. Don’t panic, though. We have some thoughts to help you cope.

More importantly, we have another fantastic guest on the program. Dr. Matthew Champagne, of Embedded Assessment, will explain the ins and outs of surveys and help you get the feedback that your customers and members so desperately want to give your financial institution. Dr. Champagne has created and implemented innovative customer feedback technologies in hundreds of organizations across every industry. With over twenty-five years in the field of psychology, Dr. Champagne is an expert and pioneer in his field. Listen in as he shares some insight from his new book, “The Survey Playbook”, on this week’s program. “The Survey Playbook” is available here on Amazon.com. You can learn more about The Evaluation Guy at theevaluationguy.com.

Podcast #24- The Pre-Planning Issue: Economic Review, Planning Season Awaits, and Intelligence and Intellect

Are you looking forward to planning season? Are you ready for planning season? Whether you’re an expert or perhaps a little rusty, we’re here to get you started on the right path. Check out our “provisos” on planning. Also, when you embark on your planning adventure, place intellect above intelligence. There is a difference. There is a hierarchy.



Podcast #23 – The Memorial Day 2014 Issue: Economic Review, Abundance and Purpose, and Your Big Screen

Philosophy leads to purpose, purpose ends with sacrifice. Here in the United States, we remembered the mighty sacrifice that men and women in uniform have given. What is this in the context of the organization or institution, the community or the family?

And no, I did not see a movie this week, but I thought about what I might write a screenplay around. It does not involve little yellow men with one eye. That’s been taken.

Podcast #22 – Week of 05/19/14

The Psychic Issue: Economic Review, Those Stinkin’ Branches, and Theoretical Physics

May is almost away. There are many things happening, all of which are only incrementally different from yesterday. Branches are still at the top of mind for folks. How long will they continue to be? Also, we talk about our Ps, but not our Qs. Finally, we discuss the intricate matters around clairvoyance and theoretical physics. Well, not really.

Of course, we begin where we always do, the economy. But, you already knew that.

Podcast #21 – Week of 05/05/14

The Flop Sweat Issue: Economic Review, Simple and Elegant Design, and Broadcast News

May the Fourth be with You! Yes, May is here and we continue our discussion on disruptive banking. We’ve discussed the first part, scale, and now we turn our attention to simplicity. Enter Dieter Rams and his principles of design. We consider four of them and how they might spark conversation about disruptive banking. Simple and elegant disruptive banking.

Of course, we begin where we always do, the economy. We end on a journalistic note, the movie Broadcast News, which is the source of our main title.

Podcast #20 – Week of 04/28/14

The Adult Issue: Economic Review, From Competency to Creativity, and Mr. Bourdain

This week on the program, we turn our attention to scale within the context of disruptive banking, while considering competency, capital, and creativity. We consider Anthony Bourdain’s new series, which just hit Netflix. And, we round out the conversation with a quick economic recap.

Podcast #19 – Week of 04/21/14

The Sky is NOT Falling Issue: Economic Review, Disruptive Banking, and a Better Bond

This week on the program, we begin the discussion on disruptive banking, consider Daniel Craig as James Bond, and wax a bit on the economy. The crazy thing is that disruptive banking begins and ends with a better bond with your market and within your organization. Take stock in the important things: scale and simplicity.

Podcast #18 – Week of 04/14/14

The Return of Winter Issue: Economic Review, Extreme Service, and One’s Core Purpose

This week on the program, we discuss service – supermegahyper service. There is only so far it will go, but it’s needed just to stay in the game. Also, we discuss an indy movie that portrays the unfolding of one’s core purpose. The economy is in there as well. Again, I’m not inspired. But, I still smile and keep on keeping on.

Podcast #17 – Week of 04/07/14

The Sweater Issue: Economic Review, Liberty and Micro-finance, and Being Sherlocked

This week on the program we discuss libertarian thought and why it can’t be all fun and recklessness in banking. We close with a discussion on blue sweaters and more British entertainment. As always, we bring you a quick view of the economy. I’d like to think that this show, above all of our other shows, discusses politics without being political and social issues without being sappy. In the grand scheme, we must endeavor to give our very best daily. And twice on Mondays. I knew you’d appreciate that comment.

Podcast #16 – Week of 03/31/14

The Anniversary Issue: Economic Review, Choice Fatigue, and “Love Actually” Does Work

This week we return to the airwaves with a nod to the economic news, a look at all the choices we have to make, and a word on love. Also, we celebrate our first anniversary of providing service to our clients. Yes, Reconn Consulting is one year old today! We made an interesting choice to take this path, and we are so glad we did. We have some wonderful clients to show for it and we thank them for their continued support and for the privilege of serving their constituents. Moreover, I am personally thankful for my wonderful family and our superlative colleague, Beth Bumgarner. Without them, I’d be nothing.

Podcast #15 – Week of 03/17/14

Special Guest, St. Patrick’s Day, and the movie “Da”

This week, we shift gears a bit and talk with an old friend, discuss sports, and turn Irish for the day. Our special guest is one of my dearest friends in the world, Dwayne Fulmer. As our “Man on the Street,” Dwayne give us his perspective on banking from the customer’s point of view. Plus, we consider Milwaukee sports and Martin Sheen in the movie “Da.” Aren’t you green with envy? We thought so.

Podcast #14- Week of 03/10/14

Leadership Through Life’s Likes and Dislikes, “The King’s Speech”, and the Economy

And we’re off on another adventure. This week, we discuss the economic items of interest. See our blog post on the same topic here. Today, we also delve into the age old issue of likes and dislikes and how to lead in spite of them. Finally. we entertain ourselves by reveling in the message of the Oscar-winner, “The King’s Speech” and its place in your messaging to those around you.

Podcast #13 – Week of 03/03/14

The Economy, Technology Integration & The Princess Bride

And we’re off. This week, we discuss the economic items of interest. See our blog post on the same topic here. Our special guest is Rick Summer, Senior Equity Analyst, Internet and Technology, with Morningstar. You can read more about his musings on equities at his Morningstar home here, or follow him @rsummer. Rick’s views are his and his alone. Finally, we talk about perseverance and the use of the intellect with “The Princess Bride” as our backdrop.

Podcast #12 – Week of 02/24/2014

The Economy, Investment Services & Farewell to Spengler

This week, I discuss the economic items for this week. We also delve into investment services with our special guest, Joel Beck of the The Beck Law Firm. Joel brings a wealth of information on broker/dealers and general considerations in forming an investment business unit for your bank or credit union. You can learn more about Joel on his website, www.thebeckfirm.com, or follow him @brokerdefender. Finally, we say farewell to Harold Ramis. He has, indeed, crossed the stream.

Podcast #11 – Week of 02/17/2014

The Economy, EMV & “The American President”

This week, I discuss the upcoming economic items for this week. I also delve into EMV and remind folks of its pending entrance into the American market. Finally, we close with a timely discussion about “The American President,” one of my favorite movies, and about gaining perspective. Go!

Podcast #10 – Week of 02/10/2014

The Economy, Bank Consolidation & Other People’s Money.

Podcast #09 – Week of 02/03/2014

The ISM, Headquarters One, and The Super Bowl

This week we discuss the ISM Manufacturing Index, which impacted the market when it came in well below expectations. Our guest, Neil Kool of Structure First, helps us introduce our new product called HQ1. Together we discuss the details of our headquarters assessment and planning services. Finally, the Super Bowl game was not-so-super, but the effort behind the big game certainly was impressive.

Podcast #08 – Week of 01/27/2014

Podcast #07 – Week of 01/20/2014

Podcast #06 – Week of 01/13/2014

Podcast #05 – Week of 01/06/2013

The Zen of When

This week we discuss the timing of things. We cannot just focus on what we need to do or why. And we all need the occasional reminder to use our time wisely and stay the course.

Podcast #04 – Week of 12/30/2013

Podcast #03 – Week of 12/23/2013

Podcast #02 – Week of 12/16/2013

Podcast #01 – Week of 12/09/2013