Reconn Radio: Podcast #31 – 10/27/14


The Scary, Love-Continues-to-Rule Issue: Markets, Operations, and Financials

I couldn’t help myself. The word love appears again. Be it your markets, your organization and operations, or your financial outcomes, love continues to rule. Jump into the mix, into the fray. Don’t squander a moment of time in living up to your plan. Cover all the bases. Markets. Operations. Financials.

Mwahahahahaa! (That was for effect.)



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The Vanishing Point in Banking commoditized, banking is entering a new era of its on-again-off-again vanishing act. With the race toward digital supremacy, bankers should heed warnings of their pending demise. Right? I don’t know. My belief is that the operational paradigm will shift, and we have been seeing this. Transactions, applications, and servicing have all moved to the world of 0′s and 1′s, but I see an opportunity on the part of community bankers to focus on the customer churn, to invite them under the tent of a broader revival of service. Human service.

This article by Carlo Gagliardi speaks to loyalty. On one hand, he suggests that “there is a greater willingness to switch providers.” On the other hand, he proclaims that banks can “exploit the potential of digital to develop deeper relationships with their customers.” I think the vanishing point is a long, long way down the road. Keeping it vibrant and alive begins with a realistic perspective on 0′s and 1′s. Operational? Yes. Strategic? I’m not so sure.

Reconn Radio: Podcast #30 – 10/23/14


The Neopolitan Ice Cream Issue: Sing it with me…love, love, love!

Why can’t we talk about love? Unconditional, unfettered, and yes, unadulterated love for your customer, your investors, your vendors, and even your regulator. I know it sounds crazy, well, because it is. However, with a little service, a high level of engagement, and enduring fairness, we think this plate of ice cream will bring some love into your life.

Oh, there’s the economy and the weather, too, just for fun.



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Reconn Radio: Podcast #29 – Week ending 10/03/14


The “Torture That You Love” Issue. It’s not so bad.

There are some folks in life that have it because they want it. There are others in life that have IT because they know no other way. They struggle and they love it. Their steadiness in the face of adversity and success, their focus on the now, and their flexibility in the moment when integrity calls is certainly admirable, and sometimes award-winning. The funny thing is they don’t even know they’re on a pedestal. They just keep on working.

In this week’s podcast, we discuss not only the challenges of life and how to handle them, but also the challenges of the economy, including the NASDAQ bank index, the DJIA, and last week’s mixed economic news. We also include a killer quote from Jerry Seinfeld, and, oh yes, a reminder to stretch.



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