Reconn Radio: Podcast #25 – Week of 06/30/14


The Survey Issue: Dr. Matt Champagne and some quick thoughts on Interest Rate Risk

Interest rates will change. It’s a given. Don’t panic, though. We have some thoughts to help you cope.

More importantly, we have another fantastic guest on the program. Dr. Matthew Champagne, of Embedded Assessment, will explain the ins and outs of surveys and help you get the feedback that your customers and members so desperately want to give your financial institution. Dr. Champagne has created and implemented innovative customer feedback technologies in hundreds of organizations across every industry. With over twenty-five years in the field of psychology, Dr. Champagne is an expert and pioneer in his field. Listen in as he shares some insight from his new book, “The Survey Playbook”, on this week’s program. “The Survey Playbook” is available here on You can learn more about The Evaluation Guy at



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