Reconn Radio: Podcast #20 – Week of 04/28/14


The Adult Issue: Economic Review, From Competency to Creativity, and Mr. Bourdain

This week on the program, we turn our attention to scale within the context of disruptive banking, while considering competency, capital, and creativity. We consider Anthony Bourdain’s new series, which just hit Netflix. And, we round out the conversation with a quick economic recap.



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04/28/14 – Our weekly perspective on the economy


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Last week saw additional losses in the both the broader market and in the banking sector. For the week ending April 25, 2014, the DJIA lost about 50 points as did the NASDAQ Bank Index, which we get via SNL Financial. With indicators raging in different directions, I find it apropos to suggest we are in a rudderless economy. With little leadership from within the Beltway and continued poker Fridays on Wall Street, we will drift.

Now, if American industry and workers perk up and says, “We’re not going to take it!” and focus on work, then I believe there is hope for far-reaching economic growth and sustenance. Even with that, many will continue to play the blame game and assert not their providential talents, but substitute the woe-is-me battle cry of entitlement. Rudderless.

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Reconn Radio: Podcast #19 – Week of 04/21/14


The Sky is NOT Falling Issue: Economic Review, Disruptive Banking, and a Better Bond

This week on the program, we begin the discussion on disruptive banking, consider Daniel Craig as James Bond, and wax a bit on the economy. The crazy thing is that disruptive banking begins and ends with a better bond with your market and within your organization. Take stock in the important things: scale and simplicity.



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Reconn Radio: Podcast #18 – Week of 04/14/14


The Return of Winter Issue: Economic Review, Extreme Service, and One’s Core Purpose

This week on the program, we discuss service – supermegahyper service. There is only so far it will go, but it’s needed just to stay in the game. Also, we discuss an indy movie that portrays the unfolding of one’s core purpose. The economy is in there as well. Again, I’m not inspired. But, I still smile and keep on keeping on.



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04/14/2014 – Our weekly perspective on the economy


Bank Stocks Ease, Cold Weather Returns, and the Economic Calendar

The second week of the quarter brings additional cooling in the markets. The NASDAQ Bank index, as presented by SNL Financial, dropped by an additional 4% for the week ending April 11, 2014. The index finished the week at 2542, down 108 points. The broader market also saw a selloff for the same period.

For the upcoming week, retail sales takes center stage. Early returns indicate a strong showing. The broader market has, in lockstep fashion, answered the call with positive numbers. I’m never surprised by the fickle nature of the market. It should be embarrassing at this point – capitalism as a cheap and often needy date. Remember the long term? Recall the advice of Warren Buffet and his mentor to all of us seeking value? What happened to the Intelligent Investor? As we prepare for the longer term, there are many things that we must consider:

  • Rates look to continue to increase. This will have a negative effect on the debt repayment capabilities for most folks, but it should help investment portfolio yields bounce back.
  • There are two major elections coming up in the next 30 months. Things look to change politically, economically, and culturally because of them.
  • Geopolitical unrest continues. Our skin in that game remains largely unseen to the everyday American as it’s wrapped up in a thick sweater made of US debt.

Not to be outdone, the Leading Indicators and the Beige Book are also on tap this week. We’ll also see freezing temperatures this week throughout much of the country. It figures. Taxes are also due. As always, our economic calendar is provided by and can be found here.

Collaboration. Fun and funner.

dreamstimefree_186042Collaboration. We like team players. Win or lose.

The obvious advantage of collaborating with others is that it’s damn fun. Isn’t it? Come on, admit it. But, beyond the fun, it provides an opportunity to 1) forego your ego for a higher purpose and 2) share a bit of yourself with others without anticipation of anything in return. Life, is after all, to give and not to take. Thanks, Mr. Hugo.

Sharing victory is better with a team. Sharing a loss with your team is a moment to accept failure, build on it, and live another day. Together.

Consistency. It’s the fuel in your engine. Go that way really fast, or not. But, go!

Consistency seems to get mediocre billing. It’s sometimes seen as boring and lifeless. At other times, it is the force behind integrity. In our way of thinking, it’s the latter. It is the fuel that propels us all towards an end goal, a mighty purpose.

Whether you run like the wind or crawl like a snail, be consistent in your efforts. And in your reaction to events, be they happy or sad, be consistently boring, for even this too shall pass.

Concentration. It’s what makes today your best day.


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The realization that today is the best that you have is a life-affirming place to be.

Eckhart Tolle said it best when he said, “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”

There is too much to lose in worrying about what happened and being anxious about what is to come. Prepare? Absolutely. Give birth to an ulcer? Never.

Reconn Radio: Podcast #17 – Week of 04/07/14


The Sweater Issue: Economic Review, Liberty and Micro-finance, and Being Sherlocked

This week on the program we discuss libertarian thought and why it can’t be all fun and recklessness in banking. We close with a discussion on blue sweaters and more British entertainment. As always, we bring you a quick view of the economy. I’d like to think that this show, above all of our other shows, discusses politics without being political and social issues without being sappy. In the grand scheme, we must endeavor to give our very best daily. And twice on Mondays. I knew you’d appreciate that comment.



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04/07/2014 – Our weekly perspective on the economy


Bank Stocks Remain Flat, Potholes Abound, and the Economic Calendar

The first week of the quarter continued to bring a mixed bag of news. Though some indicators were positive, the stock market and key indices related to banks decreased or remained flat, respectively. The NASDAQ Bank Index, according to SNL Financial, gained 1% for the week, but that was after a heavy selloff on Friday, April 4. I have a sense that something big is needed. There is too much fat in the marketplace. With increases in technological efficiency (I’ll leave effectiveness off the table for now), there are too many input points in the financial services industry. There are too many players. There are too many retail outlets.

In the broader economy, I see the same thing. Technology will continue to drive down costs while creating greater and greater pressure on traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. Growth must come through greater investment in our physical infrastructure and not in the mere hoarding of things. We must make a conscious decision to fix what is broken, which will lead to broader, deeper job growth. Now, that’s harder said than done because the last thing we need is more deficit financing. I still see the need for greater advancement in technology when it comes to infrastructure. As a resident of New Jersey, I’m amazed we haven’t found a fix for the common pothole. But, I digress.

This week brings data on consumer confidence, the FOMC minutes, and the producer price index to name several items. Consumer credit is out first thing on Monday. Let’s see if we continue to borrow.

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