Reconn Consulting helps businesses.         And the people who run them.

Reconn Consulting provides independent advisory services to institutions nationwide. Our advisors listen to and understand the specific needs of our clients, which include credit unions, banks, and non-profits.

The professionals at Reconn Consulting perform a comprehensive analysis and provide clear, concrete recommendations to help institutions tackle immediate issues first, implement mid-range plans, and direct the course of future growth. Our unique approach allows industry professionals to make decisions with confidence, grow market share, and maximize earnings.

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The unique and specific needs of our clients are our greatest priority. Our consultants are committed to a thorough understanding of your organization and your particular concerns, challenges, and objectives. They will investigate market conditions, competitors, and industry developments and innovations that are key to your business in this initial stage of your project.


After gathering the important information into a dossier, our consultants will rigorously dissect and assess the data. A great attention to the details of your enterprise is the hallmark of our business so we will leave no stone unturned. We will compile the information into a professional portfolio for ease of discussion and your use in presentations.


After intense scrutiny of the data, our consultants will propose a comprehensive list of concrete options to help you move forward on immediate, mid-range, and long-term plans. From strategic planning to project management, our recommendations are measurable, time-bound, and sometimes bold. And we always remain independent and unbiased.